5 Signs of a Windows Registry in Need of Repair

How do you know if you need to clean or repair your Windows registry? The following are 5 sure-fire telltale signs that your PC could benefit greatly from a bit of registry repair.

1. If your PC takes a long time to startup or shutdown or gets stuck during startup or shutdown -Windows maintains a list of programs to run every time you boot it up and shut it down, only many of these programs are not necessary to run at these times, overburdening your computer every time you turn it on or off; plus, the more startup programs you have your PC running, the more room you have for errors, in the most severe of cases causing your computer to freeze in the middle of booting itself up or turning itself off.

2. If your PC is running slower than it used to – duplicate registry entries, obsolete registry entries, and defragmentation of files are all some of the easily correctable problems that can cause your computer’s performance to slow down.

3. If you receive one or more Windows registry errors – such as DLL errors, Active X errors, runtime errors, invalid COM entries, invalid program paths, uninstall errors.

4. If you have trouble manually adding or removing a program – incomplete program installations and uninstalls can lead to residual program file fragments cluttering up all different areas of your Windows registry.

5. If your PC suddenly freezes or crashes in mid-use, in the most dire of cases transforming your monitor into the dreaded Blue Screen of Death – of course, you don’t want to wait for this to happen before availing yourself of the power and convenience of a hearty Windows registry repair tool.

If you find any of these problems happening to you, don’t just sit back and take it, not when you can so easily install and run a registry cleaner and get your PC back to its old speedy and reliable self again.

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