How to Choose the Registry Cleaner with the Best Registry Fix ?

Two Different Registry Fixes

Not all registry cleaners are built alike. The ones that are worth getting can save your computer from disaster, and give you hours more high-performance, low-hassle use of your PC than you could imagine. The ones that are not so great could cost you more in time and wasted effort than if you had never used them to begin. So, how to identify the good registry cleaners from the bad? Glad you asked.

The Best Registry Fix is the Safest Registry Fix

And the safest registry fix is one with a built-in Backup and Restore feature. The Windows registry is a tricky place, and it’s changing all the time. Even with the best registry repair software in place, the actions taken to fix registry problems could inadvertently pose unexpected other problems.
That’s why you always want to be able to restore your system back to the way it was before any attempts at conducting a registry fix had been implemented. You can always try again from that safe place, instructing your registry cleaner to take slightly different actions in certain circumstances, thereby producing different (and hopefully improved) results.
But even if your second (or third or fourth) attempt at a registry fix doesn’t complete work, there’s nothing to be concerned about so long as you can always restore your system to a previously backed up state.
Registry cleaners featuring Automated Backups are the best of the best, as you don’t even have to remember to give the Backup command each time before you begin a scan.

How to Registry Fix It Right

Another pair of features the more useful and user-friendly registry cleaners offer are threat level indicators and suggestions of registry fixes.
As with registry cleaners, not all registry errors are built alike. Different errors can cause different degrees of difficulty for your computer. Some problems are just annoying, others are downright fatal. That’s why registry cleaners that list, alongside each flagged item, a threat level assessment, assessing the risk each error poses to your PC, thereby helping you prioritize which errors to fix now and which can wait.
Other registry cleaners will describe the error in some degree of depth, suggesting what may have caused as well, in cases, as what can be done about it. Registry cleaners that have both of these features – threat assessments and registry fix suggestions – are, again, the best of the best.

Other Features That Make For a Grade ‘A’ Registry Fix

In addition to those mentioned above, another feature that stands out as invaluable in any choice of registry cleaner is a Scheduler. T o be able to schedule registry scans to run automatically at specific dates and times or regular intervals, without you ever needing to remember them, initiate them, or even be aware of it happening, is a convenience that can add years to your computer’s life as well as yours.

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