Error Killer Stops Computer Issues In Their Tracks

Computer crashes, freezes and overall slow operations can make even the calmest of people pull hair out from its roots. When these issues arise, there is a very good chance that the fix is easier than many think. With the right software package, even a beginner is very likely capable of repairing a host of Windows-related issues. Error Killer is one software package worth looking at to facilitate at-home repairs.

Error Killer is designed to detect and repair issues within the Windows registry. The registry is basically the brains behind a computer’s operation. It is here that Windows-related operational files are found and user preferences, hardware operational tools and more are stored. If files in the registry become damaged or jumbled, a computer’s speed can be greatly impacted. It is also possible that operational errors will results, crashes will happen and freezes will plague a machine.

Error Killer works by offering even computer beginners the ability to:


Fully analyze a machine – Error Killer provides one-click operation to put the program’s tools into action. The software itself fully scans a machine and looks for errors, bad paths, invalid shortcuts, problems with startup and more. Once completed, it reports on all errors.

Remove problem files – This program will automatically remove files that are no longer needed on a computer, are invalid or simply are duplicates of others.


Repair damaged files – Error Killer is designed not only to diagnose problems, but also fix them. The program has the ability to repair a variety of important files, including DLL files and other operational files.


Streamline startup – This is a common issue that causes slow down problems. When the Windows startup is bogged down with programs, it can drain the speed factor greatly. Error Killer assists in helping a computer user select which programs should actually launch on startup and which ones can wait.


Error Killer provides all the tools necessary to fix many programming-related issues at home without the expense of a pro. With a price tag of $19.95 and a quick download time, this software package is worth a closer look by anyone who is fed up with slow operation speeds and glitches.

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