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RegCure Offers Fast Solutions For Slow Computers!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

When computers slow up and bog down, there are many potential causes for the problem. One of the most common, however, is found within the Windows registry itself. When files become jumbled or corrupt, a computer simply will not run like it should. Fortunately, Regcure can help.

Regcure Screen Shot in Action

Regcure is a comprehensive Windows registry scan and repair program. The program offers a free component and a paid version for repeat use and actual repairs. The scanner checks a Windows registry for errors, problems and conflicts that might cause issues with speed, freezing and crashing. The repair program acts on the identified problems and takes the necessary measures to correct issues and restore a computer’s speed and viability.

The reason why Windows registry scan and repair programs are so important are many. The Windows registry is basically the “brains” behind this operating system. The registry holds all the information vital to running Windows, operating hardware within this environment and even controls some of the software settings. Essentially, when there is a problem with the registry, the entire computer will not function as it should.

When Regcure is used, the following issues are just some of those that will be targeted and corrected:

•    COM/ActiveX – If there are invalid entries related to COM or ActiveX, documents can be lost, system crashes can happen and application failures are not uncommon. Entries that are problematic are automatically scanned for and removed.
•    Uninstalled entries – When programs are removed, sometimes there are files that linger behind in a computer’s storage system. These are automatically removed during the registry cleaning process.
•    Application paths – When disk directories are not referenced correctly, it is possible for programs to fail. This is a red flag issue that is corrected during a scan and fix operation.
•    Start up management – When programs are set to automatically run during the start up phase of the Windows application, problems can arise if a program is missing or has been deleted. Registry cleaning can solve this issue and speed up a computer.

Regcure comes highly recommended by current users who have found the simple, and affordable program helps improve their computer speed and viability dramatically. With a price tag of about $30, this program is favored by many for good reason.

RegCure Review !

Monday, January 14th, 2008

What Exactly Does RegCure Do?

RegCure relies on the most sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to:

•    find those lingering remnants left over on your Windows registry from unsuccessful installations, incomplete uninstalls, spyware applications, and disabled drivers;
•    find all missing, duplicate, obsolete, and corrupt registry entries in your Windows registry.

Then, once it finds all of these things, it takes care of them appropriately, and permanently, cleaning and optimizing your registry thoroughly.

How Does RegCure Work?

There are two different ways you can use RegCure to clean and optimize you registry:

•    manually – according to the specifications you set, letting you select individual scanned items for removal
•    automatically – a thorough and complete scan, letting RegCure do all the work

You can set custom scans and you can schedule scans. You can even set RegCure to automatically repair any item it finds in a scan, without ever having to bother you about it.

How Easy is RegCure to Use?

RegCure was designed so that you don’t need to know a thing about your registry in order to use it. You can let RegCure take care of it all for you, even to the extent of running regularly scheduled scans and fixes in the background, or guide you step-by-step through it.
Either way you choose, the friendly user interface RegCure has developed was designed around the stated personal preferences of actual customers.

What Type of Registry Files Does RegCure Clean?

RegCure scans all the files in your Windows registry, including:

•    ActiveX
•    Application Paths
•    COM Objects
•    Empty Registry Keys
•    File/Path References
•    Font Entries
•    Help Files Information
•    Program Shortcuts
•    Shared DLLs
•    Shell Extensions
•    Startup management
•    Uninstall Entries
•    Windows Startup Items

Will RegCure Work on My PC?

RegCure is compatible with all current versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Is RegCure Safe For My PC?

To begin with, RegCure is sold free of spyware, adware, and viruses.
Once you start using RegCure, you’ll also discover that it has a fantastic Back-Up feature for keeping a solid record of your existing Windows Registry prior to making any changes. That means if a scan resulted in a file being deleted that it turns out should not have, it’s not a problem With the click of a button, you can Restore your registry to any previous setting and start your scan from there anew, this time leaving that “problem” file alone. It’s as simple – and as safe – as that.

What Will RegCure Really Do For Me?

In the most practical terms possible, RegCure will:

•    Improve your PC’s speed and performance
•    Prevent file corruption
•    Prevent program freezes and system crashes
•    Save you lots of valuable time and money otherwise spent attempting to clean, fix, and optimize your Windows registry yourself.