Blog Unbiased Reviews of the latest Registry Cleaners software's Fri, 07 Mar 2008 15:23:52 +0000 en hourly 1 RegCure Offers Fast Solutions For Slow Computers! Fri, 07 Mar 2008 15:23:52 +0000 Administrator When computers slow up and bog down, there are many potential causes for the problem. One of the most common, however, is found within the Windows registry itself. When files become jumbled or corrupt, a computer simply will not run like it should. Fortunately, Regcure can help.

Regcure Screen Shot in Action

Regcure is a comprehensive Windows registry scan and repair program. The program offers a free component and a paid version for repeat use and actual repairs. The scanner checks a Windows registry for errors, problems and conflicts that might cause issues with speed, freezing and crashing. The repair program acts on the identified problems and takes the necessary measures to correct issues and restore a computer’s speed and viability.

The reason why Windows registry scan and repair programs are so important are many. The Windows registry is basically the “brains” behind this operating system. The registry holds all the information vital to running Windows, operating hardware within this environment and even controls some of the software settings. Essentially, when there is a problem with the registry, the entire computer will not function as it should.

When Regcure is used, the following issues are just some of those that will be targeted and corrected:

•    COM/ActiveX – If there are invalid entries related to COM or ActiveX, documents can be lost, system crashes can happen and application failures are not uncommon. Entries that are problematic are automatically scanned for and removed.
•    Uninstalled entries – When programs are removed, sometimes there are files that linger behind in a computer’s storage system. These are automatically removed during the registry cleaning process.
•    Application paths – When disk directories are not referenced correctly, it is possible for programs to fail. This is a red flag issue that is corrected during a scan and fix operation.
•    Start up management – When programs are set to automatically run during the start up phase of the Windows application, problems can arise if a program is missing or has been deleted. Registry cleaning can solve this issue and speed up a computer.

Regcure comes highly recommended by current users who have found the simple, and affordable program helps improve their computer speed and viability dramatically. With a price tag of about $30, this program is favored by many for good reason.

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Regsweep Enables PC Owners To Tackle Problems In-House Fri, 07 Mar 2008 15:14:15 +0000 Administrator Owning a computer can be a costly venture. Apart from the initial purchase, routine maintenance can cost a person who doesn’t wish to handle it at home a pretty penny. If fixing problems and making sure a machine runs as it should is the desire, but going to a pro is not, Regsweep is a solution to explore.

At a cost of less than $30, Regsweep provides even a rank amateur the ability to diagnose and repair many Windows-related PC problems without seeking professional advice. In fact, the type of functions that this program can perform are often exactly those a pro will put into place at a much higher cost.

Regsweep is a diagnostic program that addresses Windows registry problems. The registry is the operational brains behind this operating system. Within the registry, users will find operational data, user preferences, hardware operational drivers and even some software-related files. If any of the files in the registry are damaged or are no longer valid, speed issues are likely to crop up. Plus, damaged files can also lead to startup errors, runtime errors, crashes, freezes and more.

When Regsweep is put into play, computers users are able to:

• Fully scan a computer for problems. This program is designed to offer a complete analysis of a computer’s hard drive in just minutes.
• Repair damaged files. This program is equipped to repair DLL files, fix many corrupt files and even stabilize scripting errors.
• Restore proper settings. Regsweep has the ability to do such things as correct paths, fix ActiveX files and more.
• Tweak startup. In addition to fixing startup errors, this program can help a computer user set startup to only run vital programs and those desired on an individual basis. This can help improve speed greatly.

Many computer owners feel helpless when problems arise. If Regsweep is installed on a system, there is a very good chance that most software related issues can be fixed without ever picking up a phone and calling a repair shop. There really isn’t a need to feel at a loss when this program is in use.

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Keep PCs Out Of The Shop With Registry Smart Fri, 07 Mar 2008 15:12:08 +0000 Administrator If a PC is viewed as a compact library for information storage, its Windows registry would be the card catalog. If that catalog happened to get jumbled, dumped out or mismanaged, chaos would ensue. This is precisely what happens when a perfectly functional PC shows signs of registry problems. Fortunately, fixing most of the errors without calling on a computer repair shop is possible. Registry Smart can help.

Registry Smart is a one-click error diagnostics and repair tool for use on a Windows-based PC. The program provides a quick scan of a computer for problems and then takes the steps necessary to repair them. Since the Windows registry is the card catalog for the PC’s library, so to say, this type of program can prove vital. The registry itself holds operational information, user preferences, hardware information and more. If it gets out of kilter, an entire system can fail to perform as it should. Slow downs are common, as are crashes and freezes when a registry has issues.

There are a number of things that can slow down a computer and cause problems in the Windows registry. They include such things as corrupted files, bad paths, invalid registry keys and even old programs that failed to be fully removed. Registry Smart puts things back in order by:

•    Fully scanning for errors – Registry Smart is designed to analyze and diagnose a PC’s hard drive in less than two minutes.
•    Repairing damaged files – The program is equipped to fix Windows startup errors, repair DLL files, correct corrupt files and more.
•    Remove unnecessary files and bad paths – When a computer is instructed to start up programs that aren’t there or follow paths that lead nowhere, speed can be impacted. Registry Smart addresses these issues.
•    Fine tuning a machine to operate correctly – The program also offers diagnostic tools that enable amateurs to tune up and repair their machines at home.

From scripting errors to invalid program commands, there are a number of things that can happen when a PC isn’t well taken care of. Just a few cards out of that catalog can take a fully operational machine and turn it into a dinosaur as far as speed is concerned. At a cost of $19.95, Registry Smart is a wise tool to consider to address problems, repair files and bring speed back to a PC.

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RegClean Helps Amateurs Keep Their PCs In Tiptop Shape Fri, 07 Mar 2008 15:11:30 +0000 Administrator Few things are more frustrating for computer owners than crashes, slowdowns and freezes. When repairing these issues is a must, many find they have to turn to costly repair shops to help them. This doesn’t have to be the case if Regclean is used.

Regclean is an advanced software package that enables many amateurs to analyze and repair their PCs personally. When a program like this is used, the truth is many issues can be solved at home or in the office without having to call in a pro.

The Regclean program is designed to locate and address Windows registry-related problems. The registry is the main filing cabinet of the Windows operating system. It is within this area that user preferences, hardware drivers and other vital bits of information are stored. It is sort of the command center for an entire PC.

The Windows registry itself is vulnerable to a host of problems. When files get mixed up, damaged or simply fail to be relevant on a machine, they can slow down a system and make operations difficult at best. This is where Regclean comes in.

This program is favored by many because it:

Thoroughly scans a computer – Regclean looks at an entire hard drive for issues that can impact speed, performance and operations of a PC. It locates these issues and then relays the problems to its user.

Repairs files that can be repaired – Regclean has the ability to repair a host of files that can impact a computer’s performance.

Removes invalid paths and shortcuts – These can wreak havoc on a computer’s operational abilities.

Compresses the registry – This can help with storage issues and even assist in speed enhancement.

Regclean is a program that enables users to keep their computers out of the shop. Offering a solid way to make sure speed and crash issues are addressed, this program is considered a steal at $19.95.

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ErrorSmart Can Put PCs Back In Good Working Order Fri, 07 Mar 2008 15:10:38 +0000 Administrator Making sure a computer runs as it should is not always an easy undertaking. If the system happens to be a Windows-based PC, however, ErrorSmart can take the guesswork out of the proposition.

ErrorSmart is an error-resolution program that is designed to detect issues within the Windows registry and fix them. The program basically provides spring cleaning for a PC and can help increase performance and startup speed by as much as 70 percent.

Programs like ErrorSmart are vital tools for any PC user to have on hand. While Windows is an excellent operating system, the truth is the gears can get a little mucked up from time to time. The registry itself is this program’s main “filing cabinet.” It holds all the information necessary to operate Windows, enable user preference settings, drive hardware and even handle software installation and removal. When files in this cabinet are damaged, out of place or even out of date, a PC simply will not perform as it should. This is where programs like ErrorSmart come into play.

This particular program is considered one of the best in the industry for a number of reasons. The features that make it stand out include:

•    Error tracking – This program thoroughly scans a hard drive to target errors that can cause operational slow downs.
•    Repair of errors – ErrorSmart is designed to repair and/or compensate for errors found in a PC’s hard drive. It will remove invalid shortcuts, duplicate files and registry errors. It repairs DLL files, Internet Explorer files and other registry information and even stabilizes scripting errors. It can even clean up start file options so a computer fires up faster.
•    Customer support – This program is backed up by 24-hour support every day of the year. This means users can enjoy extra help if they need it.
With a price tag of under $20, ErrorSmart is considered a powerful tool at a bargain price. Its holistic approach to registry cleaning, online and voice support and repair

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Error Killer Stops Computer Issues In Their Tracks Fri, 07 Mar 2008 15:09:14 +0000 Administrator Computer crashes, freezes and overall slow operations can make even the calmest of people pull hair out from its roots. When these issues arise, there is a very good chance that the fix is easier than many think. With the right software package, even a beginner is very likely capable of repairing a host of Windows-related issues. Error Killer is one software package worth looking at to facilitate at-home repairs.

Error Killer is designed to detect and repair issues within the Windows registry. The registry is basically the brains behind a computer’s operation. It is here that Windows-related operational files are found and user preferences, hardware operational tools and more are stored. If files in the registry become damaged or jumbled, a computer’s speed can be greatly impacted. It is also possible that operational errors will results, crashes will happen and freezes will plague a machine.

Error Killer works by offering even computer beginners the ability to:


Fully analyze a machine – Error Killer provides one-click operation to put the program’s tools into action. The software itself fully scans a machine and looks for errors, bad paths, invalid shortcuts, problems with startup and more. Once completed, it reports on all errors.

Remove problem files – This program will automatically remove files that are no longer needed on a computer, are invalid or simply are duplicates of others.


Repair damaged files – Error Killer is designed not only to diagnose problems, but also fix them. The program has the ability to repair a variety of important files, including DLL files and other operational files.


Streamline startup – This is a common issue that causes slow down problems. When the Windows startup is bogged down with programs, it can drain the speed factor greatly. Error Killer assists in helping a computer user select which programs should actually launch on startup and which ones can wait.


Error Killer provides all the tools necessary to fix many programming-related issues at home without the expense of a pro. With a price tag of $19.95 and a quick download time, this software package is worth a closer look by anyone who is fed up with slow operation speeds and glitches.

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How to Choose the Registry Cleaner with the Best Registry Fix ? Fri, 18 Jan 2008 22:18:59 +0000 Administrator Two Different Registry Fixes

Not all registry cleaners are built alike. The ones that are worth getting can save your computer from disaster, and give you hours more high-performance, low-hassle use of your PC than you could imagine. The ones that are not so great could cost you more in time and wasted effort than if you had never used them to begin. So, how to identify the good registry cleaners from the bad? Glad you asked.

The Best Registry Fix is the Safest Registry Fix

And the safest registry fix is one with a built-in Backup and Restore feature. The Windows registry is a tricky place, and it’s changing all the time. Even with the best registry repair software in place, the actions taken to fix registry problems could inadvertently pose unexpected other problems.
That’s why you always want to be able to restore your system back to the way it was before any attempts at conducting a registry fix had been implemented. You can always try again from that safe place, instructing your registry cleaner to take slightly different actions in certain circumstances, thereby producing different (and hopefully improved) results.
But even if your second (or third or fourth) attempt at a registry fix doesn’t complete work, there’s nothing to be concerned about so long as you can always restore your system to a previously backed up state.
Registry cleaners featuring Automated Backups are the best of the best, as you don’t even have to remember to give the Backup command each time before you begin a scan.

How to Registry Fix It Right

Another pair of features the more useful and user-friendly registry cleaners offer are threat level indicators and suggestions of registry fixes.
As with registry cleaners, not all registry errors are built alike. Different errors can cause different degrees of difficulty for your computer. Some problems are just annoying, others are downright fatal. That’s why registry cleaners that list, alongside each flagged item, a threat level assessment, assessing the risk each error poses to your PC, thereby helping you prioritize which errors to fix now and which can wait.
Other registry cleaners will describe the error in some degree of depth, suggesting what may have caused as well, in cases, as what can be done about it. Registry cleaners that have both of these features – threat assessments and registry fix suggestions – are, again, the best of the best.

Other Features That Make For a Grade ‘A’ Registry Fix

In addition to those mentioned above, another feature that stands out as invaluable in any choice of registry cleaner is a Scheduler. T o be able to schedule registry scans to run automatically at specific dates and times or regular intervals, without you ever needing to remember them, initiate them, or even be aware of it happening, is a convenience that can add years to your computer’s life as well as yours.

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RegCure Review ! Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:03:09 +0000 Administrator What Exactly Does RegCure Do?

RegCure relies on the most sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to:

•    find those lingering remnants left over on your Windows registry from unsuccessful installations, incomplete uninstalls, spyware applications, and disabled drivers;
•    find all missing, duplicate, obsolete, and corrupt registry entries in your Windows registry.

Then, once it finds all of these things, it takes care of them appropriately, and permanently, cleaning and optimizing your registry thoroughly.

How Does RegCure Work?

There are two different ways you can use RegCure to clean and optimize you registry:

•    manually – according to the specifications you set, letting you select individual scanned items for removal
•    automatically – a thorough and complete scan, letting RegCure do all the work

You can set custom scans and you can schedule scans. You can even set RegCure to automatically repair any item it finds in a scan, without ever having to bother you about it.

How Easy is RegCure to Use?

RegCure was designed so that you don’t need to know a thing about your registry in order to use it. You can let RegCure take care of it all for you, even to the extent of running regularly scheduled scans and fixes in the background, or guide you step-by-step through it.
Either way you choose, the friendly user interface RegCure has developed was designed around the stated personal preferences of actual customers.

What Type of Registry Files Does RegCure Clean?

RegCure scans all the files in your Windows registry, including:

•    ActiveX
•    Application Paths
•    COM Objects
•    Empty Registry Keys
•    File/Path References
•    Font Entries
•    Help Files Information
•    Program Shortcuts
•    Shared DLLs
•    Shell Extensions
•    Startup management
•    Uninstall Entries
•    Windows Startup Items

Will RegCure Work on My PC?

RegCure is compatible with all current versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Is RegCure Safe For My PC?

To begin with, RegCure is sold free of spyware, adware, and viruses.
Once you start using RegCure, you’ll also discover that it has a fantastic Back-Up feature for keeping a solid record of your existing Windows Registry prior to making any changes. That means if a scan resulted in a file being deleted that it turns out should not have, it’s not a problem With the click of a button, you can Restore your registry to any previous setting and start your scan from there anew, this time leaving that “problem” file alone. It’s as simple – and as safe – as that.

What Will RegCure Really Do For Me?

In the most practical terms possible, RegCure will:

•    Improve your PC’s speed and performance
•    Prevent file corruption
•    Prevent program freezes and system crashes
•    Save you lots of valuable time and money otherwise spent attempting to clean, fix, and optimize your Windows registry yourself.

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Why Do You Need a Registry Cleaner? Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:00:30 +0000 Administrator What’s So Important About My Windows Registry?

A fundamental component of your Windows operating system is the registry – so much so, in fact, that without it, you would be unable to run your computer at all. The Windows registry performs the following vital functions for your PC:

•    it maintains a thorough record of the relationship between your PC’s memory, hardware, and addressing;
•    it stores settings, preferences, and other information regarding every piece of software and hardware in the PC as well as all its users;
•    it reflects every change you ever make in the Control Panel to your settings, system policies, installed software, and file associations.

What’s more, Windows is constantly referencing this ever-expanding database of information in order to function properly.

Why Does My Windows Registry Need to Be Cleaned?

As you can imagine, over time the Windows registry can grow so large as to become unwieldy. It becomes ever more difficult for your computer to pore through all the collected entries to find each one it needs. This alone is a major cause of PC performance slowdown.
Beyond that, a bloated Windows registry also comes burdened with a whole assortment of other problems. It will likely develop duplicate entries, missing entries, incorrect file paths, and corrupt entries.

Why Can’t I Just Clean My Registry Manually Myself?

Every version of Windows comes with its own manual registry editor (usually called RegEdit), which you can easily find on your machine with a quick search. Manually editing your Windows Registry, however, is not an easy task, and not one that should be conducted by someone who doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing.
It can be quite difficult to understand the inner workings of the Windows Registry enough to confidently (and competently) clean it and maintain one yourself. Making one wrong change can cause your computer worse problems than you started with. Just one example of how tricky Windows registries can be is that registry files will differ in type, name, and location depending on which version of the Windows operating system your computer is running.
Even if you do make all the right decisions, manually cleaning your registry is an awfully time-consuming process. At some point, you may find you have to ask yourself – ‘How much is my time really worth?’

What Will a Registry Cleaner Do For Me?

Using a simple, efficient registry cleaning program developed by experts in the intricacies of Windows registries and the Windows operating system can save you loads more time than doing it yourself, and in turn, loads more money, as you can spend your time focusing on your own areas of expertise.
What’s more, a Windows registry cleaner saves you from the hassle of making and having to fix your own mistakes in your registry-cleaning process. Not only is a software-based registry cleaner less likely to lead you to make a mistake than cleaning your registry without it, but most of these programs have built-in Backup and Restore features to enable you to easily return your registry to a previous state.

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5 Signs of a Windows Registry in Need of Repair Wed, 28 Nov 2007 23:27:09 +0000 Administrator How do you know if you need to clean or repair your Windows registry? The following are 5 sure-fire telltale signs that your PC could benefit greatly from a bit of registry repair.

1. If your PC takes a long time to startup or shutdown or gets stuck during startup or shutdown -Windows maintains a list of programs to run every time you boot it up and shut it down, only many of these programs are not necessary to run at these times, overburdening your computer every time you turn it on or off; plus, the more startup programs you have your PC running, the more room you have for errors, in the most severe of cases causing your computer to freeze in the middle of booting itself up or turning itself off.

2. If your PC is running slower than it used to – duplicate registry entries, obsolete registry entries, and defragmentation of files are all some of the easily correctable problems that can cause your computer’s performance to slow down.

3. If you receive one or more Windows registry errors – such as DLL errors, Active X errors, runtime errors, invalid COM entries, invalid program paths, uninstall errors.

4. If you have trouble manually adding or removing a program – incomplete program installations and uninstalls can lead to residual program file fragments cluttering up all different areas of your Windows registry.

5. If your PC suddenly freezes or crashes in mid-use, in the most dire of cases transforming your monitor into the dreaded Blue Screen of Death – of course, you don’t want to wait for this to happen before availing yourself of the power and convenience of a hearty Windows registry repair tool.

If you find any of these problems happening to you, don’t just sit back and take it, not when you can so easily install and run a registry cleaner and get your PC back to its old speedy and reliable self again.

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